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"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways." - Oscar Wilde


No other thing can bring such big change in a room than a new carpet. Carpets with flamboyant color palettes can do wonders. If bored with the mundane look, place a new carpet that showcases experimental hues of colors and experience the change. Color schemes can bring magically a transformation in the entire ambiance.

Color palette can be elusive sometimes, but generally there are few styles that are followed in carpet industry. Monochromatic or colors of one family, because of their simplicity, are commonly used. And Analogous color schemes, which combine two or more colors, and help add that extra zing.


Vis--vis the colors have their own influence, and each individual boasts personal favorites. Choosing color for the flooring engrosses various factors, such as traffic and wear that the carpet bears. Lighter tones show soil, but hide footprints and vacuum marks, where on the other hand darker shades show lint. It is advisable to choose dark shades for high traffic areas as they are helpful in hiding stains. Moreover, a busy pattern also helps in hiding stain and dirt better.

Lights in a room also are a major factor to decide on the colors. Darker shades absorb light and give a cozy effect to the room. Mild shades reflect light, and the room appears more spacious.

Few basics of color scheme implied in carpet industry are:

Traditional colors: Color schemes in such carpets are very basic. Red, blue, green, brown and black are the few shades that are discovered in traditional floor coverings. Symmetrically set motifs and designs on the whole, bestow a conventional appear to the carpet, which is synonymous to the originally known Oriental ones.

Modern colors: Constantly evolving multiculturalism is appreciating hues of vibrant colors, for instance, yellow, orange, etc. Colors boast a wider spectrum and their usage is more significant and prominent these days. Modern carpets are very experimental and coloration may amaze you, at times. You can choose flamboyant shades, as they go well.

Tone on Tone: Tone on tone shades denote to color hues of one family. For instance, a carpet showcasing tones of red- light red, burgundy, dark red, etc. Monochromatic colors or colors of one family give an effect of various tones and shades.

Earthy colors: Earthy colors compliments light and dark both kinds of decors. Hues of beige, light brown, gray, etc. are easily discovered in high-end designer dwellings. Such colors give a very subtle and sophisticated look, and can also aid in accentuating dark shaded antique furniture.

Pastel colors: Pastel colors boast their own charm that is so pleasing and soothing. Such colors, contrast with fast and even very light shades. Carpets with pastel colors reflect a relaxed, calm and bit romantic kind of atmosphere. Shades of peach, pink, purple and yellow are good to give a subtle pleasing look.

Electrifying: Sky is the limit when it comes to customization, be it earthy, subtle or electrifying all experiments can be done. Carpets with electrifying colors add that extra zing to the room, mystifying the ambiance and electrifying the mood. Such carpets can accentuate any kind of dwelling and can aid in boosting up the mood. Hues of royal blue, dark purple, maroon and bottle green are best to add that element of colors.



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